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There is a deep satisfaction that comes with making something with your own two hands. You gain a sense of accomplishment, you learn new skills and oftentimes it is far more budget friendly that buying a pre-made product. Mastering the Art of Dollars and Sense is our personal blog where we hope to share our experiences in making things by hand, being abnormal (because we've seen normal and we don't like the results), enjoying life - all on a budget. Our interests are broad so you may find articles and postings about home improvement, gardening, herbal remedies, food (we love food), parenting or who knows what. Hopefully, through our successes and failures you can find some resources and ideas to revive your own DIY adventures.

We are blessed to live in Stanly County, NC where Christian is currently serving as the pastor of a rural Baptist church which gives us the opportunity to be surrounded by all the glory of God's creation. Andrea computers part-time at a local school and does a heroic job of raising our two children, Carter (2) and Adalyn (3 months), the rest of the time. We are very glad you have stopped by our humble blog and if it has been interesting or helpful, or if you have just enjoyed reading it then please let us know!

God Bless,

Christian and Andrea


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