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How we Take our Family on Vacation for Free...and It's Not a Pyramid Scheme!

I know what you're thinking. Either we're selling something through direct sales (pyramid scheme), or we vacation at those resorts where you listen to an hour long talk about timeshares in exchange for a free stay. Nope and nope.  Okay, technically we don't vacation for free we do still have to pay, but we have found a way to make some extra money that pays for our two travel trailers, and gives us a little extra to take our family on vacation. So, in a very real sense we do vacation for free. Not only that, but it isn't overly stressful, and it doesn't take tons and tons of time. What is it that we do?

We rent our campers.

When we tell people we rent our campers they are usually kind of shocked, probably because they haven't really thought of someone doing such a thing. Others give a look of "Are you crazy?" Yeah, I probably am crazy - but not because we rent our campers. So, let me tell you our journey of camper renting up to this point.

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